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Strongholds are devastated regions scattered across the Sanctuary, resulting from Malthael's devastation of humanity. As time passed, these encampments have been overrun by vile creatures and bandits.

Our Strongholds is meticulously crafted, ensuring the absence of any third-party trading, bots, or elements that could jeopardize the client's account. Exclusively utilizing your character, we will eliminate all strongholds within the Sanctuary. Save your valuable time and allow our expert boosters to swiftly and proficiently enhance your character!


    • Selected Strongholds completed;
    • Renown points;
    • Battle Pass progression;
    • Chance to gett Legendary and Unique.
  • Piloted:

    • Contact us after the purchase and our manager will ask you for your account credentials;
    • Our pro-players will use Premium VPN to disguise the account transfer to match your location and ensure complete safety.
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